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self made Generator…. Geo Pakistan

Written By: Generator Man - Mar• 22•12

Self made generator made by a docror in lahore Pakistan….

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  1. asad khan says:

    very fuuny.bhai pakistan ma 90% logo k pass car ni battery b 6 month k bd end ho jati hai.

  2. SuperPrince424 says:

    lol, funny comment at the end, why are you showing it on TV if you think he could face issues with the State.

  3. SuperPrince424 says:

    Respect Uncle JI! Respect Uncle JI!

  4. talhasaeedpcs says:

    hahahaha .. iss main konsi bare baat hai??
    mama iss say AC nahe chalay ga q k iss invertor ka Torque nahe hota ,jo hota hai bohat kam

  5. s4salman1 says:

    bhai jan is inverter ka nam kya hai aur is se kitnay fan anr energy savers chal saktay hai ?

  6. s4salman1 says:

    yeh konsa inverter hai. kindly mujhay iski specification bata dijiye. aur yeh bataeye k battery gari se kaisay connect karain k wo charge ho jae?

    kindly describe in detail the whole process if possible.

  7. dr0nayekhom says:

    2:41 o hokomat gando he keya jorm he ?

  8. nadeem5476 says:

    a loud laugh on this report that this is a FREE 🙂 no dear this is not free , dynamo uses your fuel energy to get the battery charged !
    Also the media should do some homework first then spread this pathetic reports ! really we are very behind in nearly all things .

  9. tahirwani777 says:

    This is Ours news channels they didn’t know who is the inventor and who is the user this doctor is user the thing he doing it is describe on inverter manual he only follow the instruction
    18 wheeler Trailor haha nice joke

  10. heavenplus1 says:

    If you call yourself a doctor, it means you have at least studied the basics of Physics. However, your terminology “A Self-made Generator” tells explicitly that you have bought the doctoral degree just like those who have purchased a graduation degree to sit in the parliament.

  11. abnormalbunt says:

    hey hey! Have you ever tried the Intellitus Cash System (just google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my father earned plenty of moolah.

  12. labka2 says:

    eik chotey nei “FREE ENERGY POWER GENERATOR at home” video banayee dosre doctor ne Chinese Invertor to apni ejad karar de ke “Generator” ka nam dey diya..Geo Pakistan..(doob maro”….
    Ab Air Conditioner ko chalaney ke leye doctor sab 18 wheeler Trailor chalein gey……Hahahaha

  13. labka2 says:

    Chutia Doctor, ejad ki hey my ass….
    Battery muft mein charge hotee hey kia kya doctor…..
    Nothing is free in this world my dear. Did you ever study and learn some basic physics, ya rata laga key he doctor ban gaya……
    Eijad keya….hahahahah chutia sala……

  14. hasanabbas77 says:

    doctor sab.. there is another thing very important that did not come into your consideration. thatis the more electric generators you attach with your car will produce more drag resulting in more fuel consumption. therefore the electricity u produce is still cheap but not free because your car mileage will decrease by giving load to generator…

  15. bodibaban says:

    bahi jaan aik baat ki smaj nai ayi keh is invortor sey fridge kaisy chall sakti hai ye tu kabi mumkin he nahee…..?
    han is aik surat main hosakta hai agr is ke saath 200 A *4 battres lagai jain or ups keh watt 2000 ya 2500 watt tuh aisa possible hai

  16. mariashahengr says:

    docter saab , app nai tho hamari naak kaat di ….

  17. Irfan4u10 says:

    Its not a generator. Its a simple inverter. Or yea inverter jo is video ma dikhaya ha its actually made in china and easily available in the market in 1200 rupees. It does not mean that he invented this. He is just using it from Car’s battery and nothing else. I am using this inverter since 2005.

  18. chanduntouchable says:

    Welldone Doctor …

  19. kamranmahfooz says:

    dr. sb per tax….aur bijli chauree kaa ilzaam lag sakta hai……current hakoomat zinda baad…. well done dr. sb…keep it up…..

  20. gemgroup100 says:

    Dr sab yah Generater nahen hay
    Yah inverter hay & aik bat our kah
    is inverter say Fridge nahen chalta

  21. nehaswt27 says:

    zabarsast doc. sahab

  22. Farrukhw says:

    Great work Doc Sab..

    But this is not a generator. Its an Inverter.,

    If you have another extra battery, then one can be delivered at home and one can be used to charge in car, so that if you are not at home, there would still be electricity at home.

    Magar Battery ka Kharcha to hey na…

  23. guriahussain says:

    kia aala kam kia ha well done doc sahab

  24. guriahussain says:

    wah yar

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