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Seal Pup Slip n’ Slide (surfboard remote camera)

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 15•13

Please Subscribe for announcements of more of my seal pup’s performances ! Watch a seal pup struggle to climb onto my surfboard! I mounted a remote GoPro cam…

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  1. ابراهيم البدواني says:

    اتهمها المحلي

  2. ابراهيم البدواني says:


  3. klliop2 says:

    Seals are just dog mermaids. Think about it.

  4. Elvishgaming says:

    Thank God theres no orcas around.

  5. MrRominod says:

    0:40 LOL

  6. 8nikolas8 says:

    MAN I WAS HAPPY WHEN HE GOT UP. But then I sighed when he fell.

  7. marianwhit says:

    Heeeere sharkie sharkie….yoo hoo, Mr. Great White, seal snax with human entre…

  8. Heather Myra says:

    Drive me nuts when people say dogs and seals are in no relation, I’ve known they’ve been since elementary. How hard is it to believe these guys, bears & dogs come from the same “Family Line (Caniformia)” 🙂 Please don’t say they are in relation. Just proves how damn Unintelligent people can be.

  9. HydRemote says:

    These guys are very shy of humans. I set my cameras on the board long before the seals arrived… while they were out catching fish on their own at night. Thank you for enjoying it!

  10. Danilo Santa Catarina says:

    How they deal with humans? they also come to pick food or they are afraid of humans?
    By the way,music is fantastic, this video makes me feel good. Thank you.

  11. sompongnilruksa says:


  12. ElectaMea says:

    Хороший выбор музыки !

  13. HydRemote says:

    Cool!  No need to wait…. you can live vicariously via West Seattle’s seal “Blubberblog”. They give very frequent online updates with photos of seal sightings in the area.

  14. chasers123231 says:

    im in Indiana USA, this is very cool next time im in seattle im going to make sure I bring my binoculars to look out on the water for the cute seals 🙂

  15. josephmoore77777 says:

    They look like mermaid dogs if that makes sense lol they’re so precious!

  16. MegaMrBigbear says:

    I cant believe that these things kill Osama….

  17. HydRemote says:

    Near Seattle, Washington, USA, on Puget Sound.

  18. chasers123231 says:

    Were is this?

  19. elaijjas says:

    3:24 he looks so happy when he finally gets on the board :3

  20. ConwayMorning says:

    I like the jaunty angle they’re all perched at.

  21. HydRemote says:

    This windsurf board has more “fin” than a regular surfboard and is larger.

  22. 7jerryv7 says:

    You would have to club yourself – making a hateful statement like that

  23. XUSMCVET says:

    Typical troll remark! How unfortunate we can’t club haters like you instead of the seals!

  24. norinori2232 says:

    I would pat him affectionately because he did a good job!

  25. HydRemote says:

    I’ve built an even better system (called “HydRemote”) which allows me to use just about any remote controller I want! No need to get wet. In fact, for the past month, I’ve been triggering my Hero2 by calling it from any phone! My system doesn’t work as well on the Hero3, unfortunately.

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