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prepping for the SNOW — generator gas storage and radio.wmv

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 19•13

snow storm snow generator atv snowblower gas cans.

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  1. Reverseflush says:

    When I say full cord then I don’t mean face cord.
    I hear ya about the in town thing sometimes we help out friends with wood because we got over 700 acres so wood is easy..don’t even have to cut live trees most of the time. I love stacking firewood, like knowing that If we lose power that we can still be warm and cook.

    I wouldn’t use propane heater in the house though. LOL, modern gypsies in Europe rent out apartments and use the hardwood floors for firewood haha some do.

  2. RamJetGMC says:

    we go thew 3 cord max but this year we went 2 so we will be out we need to redoo the wood storage completely and we are in a town so wood is hard to get i buy 2 cord and find 1 cord if that

  3. Reverseflush says:

    The firewood you got wood is what I burn in a week up on the farm. We go through about 8 full cords in a season and cut and prep about 40 full cords every year because firewood is like gold in the winter.

    ATV, yea we got em, they are used for work and the generator is a diesel hooked to the whole house and automatic.

  4. krazy45cat says:

    Your ready !

  5. RamJetGMC says:

    luckygunner dot commmmmmm

  6. donfachabella says:

    Where did you get the magtech?  Nice vid!

  7. beast12101 says:

    looks good, stay warm

  8. willwood487 says:

    my wife and the girls are all sick so its up to me!

  9. willwood487 says:

    good stuff

  10. RamJetGMC says:

    thanks the food and light part is cover very well be the wife

  11. willwood487 says:

    looks like you got it covered bro!

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