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My Lister JP3 running again

Written By: Generator Man - Feb• 03•13

Another short video of our latest restoration project. This one is perhaps clearer than the last one. I just love the sharp sound these new injectors make! I bought them brand new from It’s great to still be able to source new parts for such an old engine.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Nrgzrbunny777 says:

    I agree.

  2. nikolas nikolaou says:

    beautiful running, beautiful sound, well done!!! now i see the starting and running of the engine is better!

  3. Steve Haywood says:

    With the rocker covers on and a muffler on the air intake, it will be quieter yet. My1931 model used to power a narrowboat is like a sewing machine in tickover. And it’s true what they say: it can send you to sleep. We have a bed against the bulkhead of the engine room it does just that.

  4. Carl Brierley says:

    Just come away from my mates Narrowboat which has a fully restored Gardner ‘4LK’ engine, and the JP3 is another ‘classic’ narrowboat engine, what a lovely sound. :0)

  5. Benny LovesDiesels says:

    Hi there. Thanks for sending your comment. I will keep posting updates on this one for sure, it’s resting a bit for now, other things being prioritised, but I cant wait to get back into it. Paintwork is next. Then to find a really, really heavy trailer to mount her on. I just received a brand new ST25 alternator to drive with this engine. It’s too big for the job, but that’s the best way to do it. Over engineered! I think this setup will only make 15kva or so, but so understressed!

  6. 05clenharth says:

    The Lister jp3 in my opinion is the nicest sounding multi cylinder engine they made, I am glad you have saved this one and that you are looking after it. Please keep me and all the other tubers posted on this project because trust me, we are interested!

  7. Benny LovesDiesels says:

    @pupleon. Interesting you mentioned that. I hope to use one of them in modified form for the inlet for an air start, but their original purpose is to change from high compression to low. Lister call them Changeover valves, or COV’s. Cheers mate.

  8. pupleon says:

    ben, i take it the taps under the injectors are for the air start? nice job so far, well done

  9. steamwally says:

    That sounds fantastic!!!! Job well done.

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