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How a Gas Turbine Works

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 20•13

How a Gas Turbine Works

Arne Loft – developer of the gas turbine explains how it works. Gas turbines can use many kinds of fuel to reliably generate electricity or run a compressor….

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  1. Pratibha Prajapati says:

    I salute the work of such an eminent personality and sharing their experience for us. Great!

  2. neeraj tyagi says:

    great ….I want to know email [email protected]

  3. Tropicsca says:

    lol fatah

  4. fatah sifaw says:

    i remember an instructor in Osborne engineering in newcastle was in the same situation speaks for 5-10 min then go into a nap for 5-10 min on the class ,,he was about to die just as this man

  5. Montoya2005 says:

    Why does he keep going on about a GAS TURBAN?

  6. asiisn says:

    Do you still uploading ?
    If so please upload about an x-ray

    Love your works 😀

  7. EdisonTechCenter says:

    I had to re-upload this video to fix some information.

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