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Honeywell 2000i vs Generac 2000ix inverter generators

Written By: Generator Man - Jul• 14•12

Honeywell 2000i vs Generac 2000ix inverter generators

Many people have been wondering about inverter generators. Everyone knows that the Honda EU series of inverter generators and the Yamaha inverter generators are simply the best on the market, I agree with this 100%. After owning a Honda EU1000i I was amazed by how quiet and reliable it was. With this said many people including myself don’t feel like shelling out nearly 00 for a Honda or Yamaha 2000 watt generator. There are other options and here are 2 of them. The Honeywell 2000i and Generac 2000ix. Between these two units I would recommend the Honeywell simply because it produces cleaner power and it’s much quieter. It is a good alternitive to the Honda if you’re looking to save around 0-0 bucks. The only gripe that I have is that the pull rope is very hard to pull, the engine seems to have a lot of compression. It’s not a problem for me but it would be for my wife & kids. It’s also about 12 pounds heavier than the Generac. Even so I would highly recommend the Honeywell over the Generac. Thank you for watching my video, please rate & comment!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. vegasfordguy says:

    Trust me on this, The Generac was MUCH louder. In the end they both ended up being Chinese garbage. I bought a Honda EU series & haven’t looked back since.

  2. AH6OY says:

    The noise reflecting off the garage made the Generac noise level higher. Might try it with both generators pointed into the street.

  3. wp4565775 says:

    Nice demo. Thanks for uploading.

  4. toprun95 says:

    Very happy to see a generater video that goes a little more in depth. This was a nice little comparison of two different units.

    Also, THANK YOU for the update of your experience with the Honeywell failure.

  5. Doghouse594 says:

    thanks for info! yes y right yamaha is best but cost pretty high but will be worth it?

  6. vegasfordguy says:

    They are both made in China and you get what you pay for as I have found out. The Honeywell is much quieter but in the end they were both junk. Do yourself a huge favor & buy a Honda or Yamaha from the start. You can find them used for about 1/2 of new on Craigslist. To answer your question a 1500 watt heater puts a pretty good load on a 2000 watt generator so I would guess around 4 hours of run time with that much of a load. Compare these to my Honda EU 1000i in my other video.

  7. Doghouse594 says:

    I just curious who make engine on generac? is it china? also how many hour Generac or honeywell will run with 12 amp 1500 watts like electric heater?

  8. vegasfordguy says:

    Real funny, Nope I buy all of my stuff with my money. Mostly to buy & sell. Anyways I’m done, You can say what you will. Have a good day.

  9. ragzdaddy says:

    By the way . That seems like an awful lot of generators for one guy . Dont suppose someone in your ajoinging beighborhood is missing some generators do we ? lol lol

  10. ragzdaddy says:

    Nice try . But try it on a kid . Not on someone of the education and skills
    coupled with the knowledge and understanding of something you haven’t a clue
    in regard of .

  11. ragzdaddy says:

    I sir dwell in reality . Not some less than ametuer effort to reappreciate
    childhood failed sceince projects . I might know something you don’t about
    audio and percussive science you don’t . One might never know who you they
    might really be trying to convince someone of something when one is so
    lacking in understanding and ability.

  12. ragzdaddy says:

    I watched your videos . I also saw in your videos where you had the Generac
    exhaust pointed predominantly at the house and truck to creat a sound
    reverberation environment to not only enhance , but to also echo and
    maximize the sound of the Generac . While the Honeywell was pointed toward
    open area allowing the sound to escape . I’d put lunch up against it with a
    db meter at 2 feet pointed straight at them in the exact same location .

  13. vegasfordguy says:

    You sir are in denial. The Honda has a smooth quiet purr to it where as the Generac sounds like a lawn mower going over 6″ tall grass. Simply watch my videos and see for yourself. You will be talking crap about that Chinese made Generac as soon as it takes a crap, and it will! Do you even understand how much louder each decibel is? That Generac is as loud as semi trucks roaring down the highway from 10 feet away!

  14. ragzdaddy says:

    And to say , ” 10X louder than the Honda and Yamaha ” would be a gross statement of lack of fact and or intelligence . My guess is a lack of both . lol

  15. ragzdaddy says:

    . BAH ! HUMBUGWASHERY ! … My little ix2000 holds it’s own quite well against them all . It’s one of those products that isn’t Honda that Honda set out to disrepute . The whole mess is pshycosymatic . It’s a great unti and worthy of equal praise as the rest at a fair price . Even if it is a very few decibels louder , the ix2000 is a capable unit . As for angryy neighbors in the campground … as long as their are kids in the world , I could yank the exhaust and still be quiter . lol lol lol

  16. vegasfordguy says:

    No way, that Generac is 10X louder than the Honda or Yamaha. Just listen to the noise comparisons. The Generac is one of the loudest ones out there. In the end you will wish you would have spent the extra money on the Honda or Yamaha. If you are running that noisy thing at a campground you are going to have angry neighbors.

  17. ragzdaddy says:

    My Genrac ix 2000 rocks and is not louder than the Hondoo or the Yammie Hopper . It’s with saving the 600 bux .

  18. vegasfordguy says:

    UPDATE: The Generac was garbage from the start, the Honeywell was great for about 10 hours of use & then stopped making 120 VAC. Do youself a favor & buy the Honda or Yamaha to start with. I just picked up a used Honda EU 1000i with 5 hours on it for $400 bucks. It’s very quiet and starts easily.

  19. mile141 says:

    Thank you! I’m buying the Honeywell after seeing your video.

  20. vegasfordguy says:

    I have taken the Honeywell on a couple of camping trips now and it has run great for me, It’s not too much louder than the Honda 2000 gennys at the campgrounds. My only real complaint is that it’s fairly heavy and a little bulky compared to the Honda. Other than these 2 complaints it’s been a good little unit.

  21. roadkillguam says:

    My Honeywell 2000i is VERY easy to pull, much easier than a lawnmower.

  22. vegasfordguy says:

    BS? You can NOT run an a/c unit with a 2000 watt generator. The start up requires too much current draw. You really need a 3000 watt generator to run a small a/c unit. If you could get one to start up the generator would not last with that kind of a load, that’s why they make different watt generators.

  23. DonFisenkos says:

    Don’t show us bs.Load them an AC unit!

  24. vegasfordguy says:

    The Honeywell is much quiter, it seems to be very reliable however it does require a lot of priming when adding fuel (about 50-60) pushes of the primer bulb. If people would read the owners manuals then many of these negative ratings could be avoided as it states this in the manual. It’s also somewhat heavy weighing in at around 60 lbs. It’s no Honda but for the price it’s a pretty good second choice. I have taken it camping and it’s not too much louder than the Honda 2000i.

  25. buzz60016 says:

    Very helpful, to hear both as a comparision.
    The Honeywell is quieter,

    What experience can you say about both? Quality? Starting? Headaches?

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

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