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GENmate 2-stroke 800W Generator VIDEO

Written By: Generator Man - Feb• 02•12

The Canadian Tire GENmate 2-stroke 800W Generator on an adventure in the winter, out in the snow. Running are 2x 250w lights also from Canadian Tire.

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  1. michadergrosse says:

    “We put some gas and stuff in it” rofl ;-))

  2. drboose says:

    @timrodger1 nice!  this is a great unit. I just used mine again yesterday!

  3. timrodger1 says:

    On sale for 99.99 now.

  4. 321Aceking says:

    the cord should be good up to 100 feet I think if you use a 10 gadge cord

  5. drboose says:

    I haven’t done any tests, but it seems like I can use the full power with 50ft of extension cord.

  6. Osramiko says:

    Does the cord length effect the output basically if i wanna place the generator away coz of its noise am i limited to the length of the cord?

  7. drboose says:

    I too got mine at 120$. I used it casually a couple times, like in the video. Now I run 2x250watt lights, a 200 watt audio system, and a laptop on it for doing little music concerts. Sometimes it takes a bit to start the motor, but not usually. I LOVE MY GENMATE!

  8. anmack says:

    This unit is on sale for $120 right now, I’m picking one up to take camping etc.

  9. kuernodechivo says:

    Take off eh hoser.. The clutch is in the car….

    lol Good demo. I bought the el-cheapo 1200W version over at Checker Auto down here in the USSA.

    It will run my deep-freeze which you all will have no need for since it looks like you are living in a deep-freeze.

    However it also ran my Infra-Red heater (on high!) just in case you want to sit around in lawn chairs and enjoy that nice balmy evening weather! lol

    Ps. I think the heater will fit in your tobaggon otherwise take heatlamps.

  10. animebsd says:



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