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Stepper Motor Tutorial: Identifying Coils

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 16•13

Stepper Motor Tutorial: Identifying Coils

I explain how to find Coil 1 & 2 on your stepper motor using a voltmeter! Explanation of Stepper Motor:

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  1. BKISHDROID says:

    Sorry for late response. I have been very busy with school and have not been able to replay. I really only have the two videos as I got distracted with school. I will put the link in the description as it wont let me post it in a comment.

  2. BKISHDROID says:

    I agree, I think that would work. Good idea.

  3. pgiffm says:

    Good video. Regarding checking direction with out connecting the motor to power: maybe you could connect 2 wires to your DMM, select volts and spin the motor.

  4. samianholt says:

    great video, Very helpful – can you reply with all your other stepper motor videos, as I cannot acess your channel to get them.

    Thank you very much ! 🙂

    I love your videos, very rich in information 🙂

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