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Perkins Diesel Engine Animation

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 16•13

Perkins Diesel Engine Animation

Computer animation of a diesel engine virtually taking shape piece by piece, functioning and shown in its position inside different machines; available as a …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. allen ho ho says:

    skype: ptboyu

  2. Reiganas1 says:


  3. Nelma Hix says:

    it wont turn over it did about a month ago took out the starter put it back in and now it wont turn over any thought?

  4. jonathasw007 says:

    muito boa a sua animação.. esse seria algum modelo especifico? o único que eu conheço (já vi funcionando em uma D20) é o Perkins Q20B4

  5. Todor Kolev says:

    View Technologies and Patents for sale or license: Construction diagram and construction of KOLEV MOTORS internal combustion engine.
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    Kolev Motors

  6. serkan alçay says:

    what song ?

  7. szaboi86 says:

    my cock is getting hard watching this

  8. Kyaw Ye Naing says:

    i want to know more

  9. Richard vaculčiak says:


  10. محمد حامد ابراهيم says:


  11. C0ldSteelAddiction says:

    Those heads remind me of Powerstrokes

  12. D.D. ATM says:

    Don’t mind whats the merk, i just interested tfor the engine!

  13. Wnat L says:

    Song ???

  14. RockstarRanger01 says:

    That is so sick

  15. Gilbo671 says:

    I love Perkins strong and reliable british engines

  16. reppep296 says:


  17. Diego Gavronski says:

    Essa ordem de ignição é correta? 1 e 4 explodem juntos e depois 2 e 3 juntos? pelo que seu é diferente…

  18. sankoboy says:

    now you have an idea what mechanics have to go through..

  19. HHTimepassages says:

    1:43 running backwards

  20. Martynas Mikulskis says:

    i love dat turbina

  21. ers6180 says:

    Bel video,bel motore,bella animazione,e bellissima musica!
    (Good video,good engine,good animation,and very good song!)

  22. Shedao16 says:

    I watch this video everyday for my diesel tech class.

  23. scottwebb says:

    That’s an awful lot to go wrong

  24. yassor983 says:

    1:43 4 cylinders means 4 legs of two persons riding on one bycicle moving it together 🙂

  25. TheDeviluchiha says:

    cool animation !!!

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