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Generac ix2000 testing.

Written By: Generator Man - Dec• 08•11

Starting first time and load test on AC unit and etc.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. DonFisenkos says:

    @Doghouse594 Go on line , you would save on taxes and free 3-days shipping by FedEx. Don`t remember the site , but I`ll find out. And I saw it in Home Depot .

  2. DonFisenkos says:

    Just wanna say , than for more quite operation you could add little bit more oil , than they gave you with inverter. (original can, hasn`t enough amount of oil in it)
    Last thing you`v got to do for almost silent run is just one strap (Wal-mart or Dog-Trucker) . I found out , that 80% of noise come from vibrating plastic , so go ahead tie disturbing noise down , it`s easy as ABC.
    My inverter remains by the cab on the catwalk and I barely hear it.

  3. Doghouse594 says:

    @DonFisenkos it nice but i would like to know how many hour it will run with electric heater?

    and where y get it? let me know thanks!

  4. DonFisenkos says:

    I`m using this inverter almost every day , except weekend, in my Semi , over the road.
    I would add that one tank (1,1 g) is enough for all nights (aprox 7 hours ) .The guid says 4,5 on half load . AC takes a lot only for starting compressor . All appliances work well. Little bit noisy when get just loaded. Paid $450 , awesome , isn’t it?

  5. olegcis27 says:

    nu prosto klass, molodetz. Shtuka nuzhnaia

  6. MrShawn305 says:

    Nice Generator, I thought about those but read alot of bad reviews about them. I ended up getting an XP8000 at Lowes for $799. How is this one holding up so far?

  7. chatrkat says:


  8. DonFisenkos says:

    Be prepared .

  9. DonFisenkos says:

    Gotovimsya k priletu Nibiru skazat`. A mne kazhetsya 4to ne o4en` gromko dlya 2000 watts.

  10. larisarazina says:

    Отлично работает. Очень громко шумит, даже Алекс испугался. Концовка хороша…

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