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Emergency Power Supply

Written By: Generator Man - May• 27•12

Portable Emergency power supply brought to you by JX Custom at . The model 700 has a 2500 amp power inverter with 3 outlets. One large 12v lamp and 2 clear LED lights[ I left these two LED lights on for 3 months and still held 12 volts]. It has it’s own battery charger that shuts off automatically and a volt meter to keep up with the charge.Because it’s portable it’s also great for camping or just working out of the back of your truck. Last 12 hours on a single charge! no generator no gas fumes , just set it in a corner and it’s ready to use anytime you need it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mmstudios95 says:

    this is very nice

  2. LINEHACKER says:


  3. keliciousify says:

    No need to let that baby “suffer.” Why not just throw it on a med sz dolly? Roll it wherever you want? I can’t wait to make a FEW of these. Always hv power outages at campsite and until I can afford a good generator, this is a great idea and even after I get one, this is good to use for general purpose anyway! Wish had guys like you boys living where I am AND the type to make them for a woman like meeeee. lol! 🙂

  4. keliciousify says:

    That is sweet! What nice, clean work! amazing. I’m jealous! lol

  5. keliciousify says:

    wow nice!

  6. WRH052970 says:

    would you send me the specs. on the big one that looks cool id like to build one

  7. mathisjack1 says:

    Yes, I know what you mean. My large one weighs about 70 lbs.,hard to lug around . Best way is with a 2 wheel dolly. My materials are expensive and has all the bells and whistles but I bet yours worked just as well. The end result is backup electricity when you need it the worst . Apriciate the input Jack

  8. 91fatboy51 says:

    I built one years ago, put 2 car batteries in an old wooden ammo box, strapped a 1500 watt inverter on one side, a battery charger on the other, and yes it will run a small frig for 12 hrs or a TV and video games for grandkids for about 4 hours. Great back up system when the power goes out to power your laptop, some lights for a while. But “portable”? Dang thing ways over 100 lbs, takes 2 good men to haul it around unless you are Arnie!!

  9. shaunandyvonn says:

    I resonded to you’r website and never heard back from you?Contact me and i will purchase one from you…

  10. mathisjack1 says:

    Thanks Wobbly !!!

  11. wobbers99 says:

    This is a genius product full stop. Clever and useful!!!!

    A bigger one would allow small houses/apartments etc to go off grid most of the time!

    Well done MathisJack1!



  12. cbarsonfire says:

    That looks real sweet there buddy. Great craftsmanship.

  13. mathisjack1 says:

    Thanx Matt !

  14. iMatt65 says:

    I like what you’ve done here.

  15. ToPeTuga says:

    A job well done and a good guide to follow. Congratulations. I’m currently doing similar one, small model.

  16. RadicakX says:

    I know i ask a lot of questions but my project is almost finished BUT,deep cycle batteries are really expensive in Greece and i was thinking about Pb batteries..Will they do the trick? And how many Ah?? Thanks in advance..

  17. mathisjack1 says:

    Thank you very much !

  18. debonairedragon says:

    Really impressive look u have there, one of the best looking units I’ve ever seen. Ur attention to detail is very impressive.

  19. electrodacus says:

    The Lead acid deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged down to 50% if you discharge more than that you will reduce the life of the batter the car battery that are not deep cycle are designed only for 10% discharge rate.
    There are Lithium batteries that can be discharged down to 80% also the old Ni-Cd can be fully discharged with no problem.
    But if you intend to use this boxes only few times a year or less like an UPS then you do not care about battery life so no problem.

  20. AJS0121 says:

    I’m building my first battery gene and doing a little research here. Mine is being built from the ground up for solar. I love your housings. The metal, the built in lights. You build ’em yourself? I don’t thing min will look that good!

  21. Zombiepigman96 says:


  22. KPLION101 says:

    Are you going to make a video of how you made it or a video of the internal’s??????

  23. rainbowcoins1 says:

    Is it for sale? I would like one to have here in the garage. Visited the site but didn’t see any pricing or shopping ability.

  24. RadicakX says:

    i’m thinking of making something like this with some more stuff installed.I have 2 questions:1.I must use deep cycle batteries?? 2.Because i’m thinking using more than 1 battery parallel connection is better or in a row?

  25. 5445252 says:

    good job!

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