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Combo Generator 1

Written By: Generator Man - Feb• 17•12

Time to get animating again! So I’ll be doing a small practice series. I got the combo list from the Animplanet’s combo generator. 20 move list 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 Full quality here!: Make your own combo!

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  1. cov3rman says:

    I was the 55000 viewer…

  2. AKBtha3rd says:

    Broke his neck…. like a BOSS.

  3. Marplegamer says:

    @AnimationGoneWild u forgot arrow to the knee

  4. SAVYflip says:

    @NinjaGamin123 he use the adobe flash blablabla XD

  5. JustSpawnKilled says:

    @SMLuck …really?

  6. SMLuk says:

    what the program?

  7. gaigaigoo says:

    @NinjaGamin123 he uses macromedia flash

  8. MrRedmaroon says:


  9. Izuru57 says:

    @NinjaGamin123 Flash

  10. necrohacker16 says:

    como isiste esos efectos de velociada

  11. applechicken00 says:

    Oh oh make this tentacle grab, flaming punch, kick in da balls, throw to wall, eye laser thingy, fiery breath, ultra kick x5, rip arm off , ripp leg off , throw, call for electric storm, summon nylan cat, nylan rainbow powa!, kick kick, grab, break elbow, elbow in balls, knee balls, laser eye balls, throw again, run and ball smash, shadow clone justu, play catch with clone, shhop da whoop!, grab, grab, grab, Falcon punch 2x, then for the final….

    Piss acidic piss!
    awesome combo

  12. littlebigplanet1000 says:

    @NinjaGamin123 He Uses Flash 8. Thumbs this up ppl so that everyone can see.

  13. foodfoodist says:

    can u please do this left jab,right jab,upper cut,spinning kick,grab,straight kick, throw, cloning jutsu double kck, punch , lazer

  14. HystericTheHedgehog says:

    @lighters009 He’s Talking like the “generator” is like a thing that makes moves happen.

  15. gokilforce09 says:

    he use adobe flash cs 5.5?

  16. lighters009 says:

    @NinjaGamin123 i think macromedia flash 8 ^^

  17. CrazyYeti3000 says:

    It’s Macromedia flash 8 look up his channel tutorial vids he say’s what program is it thumb’s up so everyone can see it

  18. TheKKTutorial says:

    no Second 9 😛

  19. MegaLogan11 says:

    Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

    >> <<

  20. MrDeandre912 says:

    what program do u use

  21. FatalPivotStrike says:

    I guarantee you the three people who disliked are in a como because they got finished off by a choke ._.

  22. HeartlessJay says:

    @AntidoteMusic oh

  23. AntidoteMusic says:

    @HeartlessJay it doesnt create the animation, just a combo

  24. sebastien41220 says:

    Gg moi j’arrive a peine a faire un stick

  25. GTA1234565432 says:


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