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Brainiac – Electric Fence

Written By: Generator Man - Jun• 06•12

READ PLEASE. Clip taken from UK Show, Brainiac, Season 1 Episode 4. Electric Fence Experiment Richard Hammond shows the Brainiacs how fun Electricity can be. Also, yes, if you are in the air when the electricity goes through, you don’t get a shock. You don’t get shocked if the circuit (box to fence to person to ground to box) doesn’t complete. On top of that, the end where he ALMOST shakes Hammond’s hand, he doesn’t. Also, the slight gap in time between feet hitting ground and the shock can be attributed to the 1-2 second delay caused by the fence not being constantly on. 1st Song: Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage 0:00 – 1:04 1:20 – 1:33 2nd Song: Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (Ringbang Remix). 2:20 – 5:20

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  1. ketoprince1 says:

    no shit, sherlock

  2. paoki001 says:

    ACTUALLY THERE IS ALWAYS A SHOCK .. MEANS THAT AMPERES PASSING .. BUT THE TOTAL RESISTANCE IS SO BIG AND THE AMPERAGE SO SMALL THAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND IT .. without extra foam tiles the total R goes down , V is steady the amps go up .. you can feel the electricity passing ..

  3. Firedragon41520 says:

    yeah. i remember that

  4. roelofjah says:

    He got lost

  5. Jesseboy1610 says:

    I knew it, thats why i can here, to make sure….his names richard hammond

  6. BoDuke1231 says:

    Off the tiles shock, on the tiles *bzzt* oh shit, cut!

  7. eddyedutz says:

    What was this guy doing at Top Gear?

  8. XxTeamXtremeRaphael says:


  9. johnericsantiago28 says:

    Why mr. Top gear is here? Haha

  10. henter136 says:

    this guy is a freacking maniac

  11. coolman18244 says:


  12. coolman18244 says:

    Sky not BBC I know coz i’m britsh

  13. FlorinDaEu says:

    9gag much?

  14. JakeTehCraka14 says:

    First time I’ve ever heard electric six; kudos to you BBC c:.

  15. Elm8n says:

    You don`t say face.

  16. KruspeGal123 says:

    Danger Danger, high voltage!

  17. TheWatzitooya says:

    Electric Avenue!

  18. donutlover60 says:

    That guy is really enjoying this (⌒▽⌒)

  19. bigjon9428 says:


  20. megafranker says:

    Nope, that’s the guys from Brainiac, it was first XD

  21. iLOVENATURE2011 says:

    LOL….the man that got electrocuted was so funny! =D

  22. sedmoagalnikful says:

    leather isnt a conductor as far as i know so you wont complete the curcuit and wont get shoked but if the shoes are wet the current will go via the water and cause shock you so make sure ur shoes are dried

  23. utdrule4eva says:

    richard hammon is better than the specky bastard

  24. lastrosade says:

    this is pure sadism !

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