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Will a electric generator work in a vacuum ?

Written By: Generator Man - Nov• 26•11

Question by Ken: Will a electric generator work in a vacuum ?
If electricity is electrons pulled from the air I dont think it could work in a vacuum.

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Answer by Mike
It would not work in a vacuum…. at least not for long.

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  1. go2bermuda says:

    Well, I don’t know about all of that, but a gas-engine that would power the generator wouldn’t fire without oxygen, so it wouldn’t matter if you could generate electricity.

  2. Pythagoras says:

    The electric generator will work just fine in a vacuum, because electric and magnetic fields are not fields of matter, like sound is. Electrons don’t need to be “pulled off” of anything, the generator will have wires in it, and it will cause the electrons in the wire to oscillate, but no extra electrons are needed.

  3. Robert D says:

    Yes it would, The generator itself has electrons and the flux lines would extend out and back to itself, through the wire in the armature and make some electricity. By the way, a perfect vacuum is technically impossible. A near perfect vacuum is done a lot in high vacuum machines used in the electronic manufacturing business. We used magnets inside the high vacuum chambers, 10 to the minus 8 scale and shaped plasma with magnets. There were only a few molecules around at this pressure.

  4. Maruthavanan v says:

    Generator must work in vaccum because it not depends upon whether air is present or not. The principle of generator is electromagnetic induction. So it will work in vaccum.

  5. Dr. R says:

    There’s no problem inducing current, assuming the mechanical power can be produced. Current is the forced *flow* of electrons already present in the wire itself. They are not “pulled from the air”. I’ve never even heard of that misconception. Of course, many forms of power (like internal combustion engines) require air to burn fuel.or for air cooling.

  6. amansscientiae says:

    The answer is yes, it will work and my question is

    “Who in the world will teach that electrons are being pulled from the air?”

    Are we talking the results of home schooling here? Sounds almost like it.

  7. johnandeileen2000 says:

    Yes it will work just fine in a vacuum, a generator does not rely on an outside source of electrons

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