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Where might I find a schematic for switching from hydro to generator in the home?

Written By: Generator Man - Nov• 27•11

Question by Peter M: Where might I find a schematic for switching from hydro to generator in the home?
I need to build a transfer switch that is hot when the hydro is on but a power outage will kick in the generator.

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Answer by Irv S
That’s a complex unit, dangerous if it fails.
You buy those, you don’t build them.
It’s called an automatic transfer switch with generator control.

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  1. Warren914 says:

    There are several issues to be concerned with. To start, any items must meet local electrical codes, something which a home built system is unlikely to achieve.

    You need something to detect loss of AC power. This is relatively easy. Something as simple as a relay switch can signal for the generator to start. A time delay to prevent short outages from starting the engine would be useful. Look at various AC programmable relays to take care of this function.

    The engine start signal must also have a method to turn off the starter when the engine is running. Once the engine has stabilized you need to switch its AC power to the house. This must be done in such a manner that it can not back feed to the grid. This will be your major stumbling block in terms of electrical code compliance.

    The transfer switch is essentially a double throw switch or possibly two relay switches with an interlock to prevent both from being on at the same time. Check at an electrical supply store or contractor to locate a switch. You may luck into finding a used unit removed during renovation or upgrading.

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