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Where can I Find Reliable Cheap Life Insurance Quotes?

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 19•13

Question by : Where can I Find Reliable Cheap Life Insurance Quotes?
I recently started a home internet based business. When I was just starting out I went without insurance for a while. Now that things are going well I would like to buy a life insurance policy.

There are a ton of life insurance sites, but most of them seem biased or focused on an individual provider. Where can I find a good life insurance quote site that is unbiased or gives me quotes from a wide array of services?

Also, are there any good tips for saving money buying life insurance for small business owners?

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Answer by amontef
You can try this site, it has many different ins. providers.

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  1. Mark says:

    Find out the “15 Ways To Save Money” by reading this e-book. It is free to download, just visit

  2. Life says:

    I have found one good websites where you can get comparison of life insurance quotes from various providers

    One you are done submitting the first page information they will give the comparison of providers more suitable for you

    Good Luck

  3. rowena says:

    As a life insurance agent who deals with insurance day in and day out I appreciate your frustrations from looking at thousands of insurance sites.
    Try this site

    Here you can get quotes from different life insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an affordable life insurance with a reliable company.

    The following are five of the most common mistakes consumers make when buying life insurance.

    1. Selecting term life insurance solely because it’s cheap.
    Shopping for life insurance by just comparing premiums is asking for trouble. You should compare company ratings to determine financial strength and policy features, such as convertibility options. While the policy’s premium is certainly a factor, ensuring that your policy matches your financial goals is more important.

    2. Not understanding that term life insurance is temporary.
    That’s why it’s called “term” insurance — because you buy it for a set period of time, most commonly 20 years. This is fine for a temporary need, such as insuring yourself until your mortgage is paid off or funding your children’s college expenses in the event of your premature death.

    A 20-year level-term life insurance policy you bought when you were 30 would expire when you’re only 50. At that point, you still might need to carry insurance, but your age and health conditions might make it impossible or very expensive to do so. At least, if your policy has a convertibility option you can get coverage, it just might be down right unaffordable.

    3. Buying from a less-than-stable insurance company.
    Don’t be afraid to ask about an insurance company’s ratings. You can also look for an insurer’s Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s or A.M. Best ratings on the Internet.

    There are many insurance carriers with high financial ratings (A+ or better) so you shouldn’t have to buy insurance from a lower rated company. But, keep in mind that ratings can and will change, so ratings alone shouldn’t be your only consideration.

    4. Buying life insurance coverage based on a set formula.
    You may have heard that a good rule of thumb is to buy life insurance coverage equal to 10 times your annual salary or 10 times your beneficiary’s annual financial need. The idea is that if your surviving beneficiary invests the life insurance proceeds in the stock market (getting an average 10 percent annual return), they’ll have a steady income stream and never need to tap the investment principal.

    While this formula isn’t a bad place to start, everyone has different needs, so don’t assume that 10 times your salary is what you need to carry in life insurance. The best advice here is to sit down with a knowledgeable agent that will take the time to learn about your needs.

    5. Failing to regularly review your policy.
    Is your former spouse still the beneficiary of your life insurance policy? Did you buy term insurance to cover you while you pay off your mortgage? If you refinanced during the latest rate drop and restarted the clock on your loan, you might also need to update your insurance term. Life definitely has a way of throwing changes your way. Just make sure your life insurance changes along with you.

    Also when shopping on the internet for insurance be careful of sites that are there purely as lead generators because these sites just sell your informations. But, there are plenty of legitamte and trustful site on the internet than one can purchase insurance.

    You can tell the good from the bad by taking these steps.
    1- do not put information in a from unless you actually get a real quote.
    2- look for site that have a phone number with real agents that answer the phone.
    3-If the sites says get quotes from multiple agents then the site is selling your information as a lead service.

    Sites like
    can serve as an excellant resource to start your online life insurance shopping. They have agents that you can speak to or email. You can get quotes from over 140 companies with a robust data base.
    They are many sites like these but you have to do you research. Like anything else there is the good and bad and the internet is the best place to start your search.

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