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What political party do the Wall Street Protestors belong to? They have “no clear objective”, talk about..?

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 15•13

Question by Cigar Monkey: What political party do the Wall Street Protestors belong to? They have “no clear objective”, talk about..?
…about climate change and use a portable generator to power their laptops. HMMMMM??

Best answer:

Answer by what did i do to deserve this
the obama wing of the democrat party

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  1. midnyteryder1961 says:

    They are standard garden variety marxists. The rules they create, they won’t have to follow, because they are members of the “party”.

  2. Byron says:

    I’m not sure….but my guess is they aren’t setting their alarm clocks to get up for work tomorrow.

  3. truth seeker says:

    they apparently don’t belong to the party kisses the rear ends of Wall Street.

  4. Last True Paladin of Scotland says:

    And everything in your world needs to be put into parties. It’s been said time and time again that they’re not identifying as parties. The group describes itself as no-wing. Also your logic is absurdly simplistic, just because they use portable generators and talk about climate change. Yep must be left wing, they must have a political identity so I can do everything to discredit the movement.

  5. Krista says:

    Unlike the astroturfing tea party, this is a legitimate grassroots movement. They didn’t have preprinted signs with “America for Prosperity” printed on them and handed out to bussed-in protestors.
    They all came with the central belief that crony corporatists are corrupting our government. How and why that matters to each individual is unique….as some want corporations to stop writing our environmental policy (ALEC), and others want to protest TARP, while others detest that banks were bailed out and gave their ceo’s millions in bonuses while laying off their workers and making it more difficult for people to receive loans—which was Bush and Paulson’s entire reasoning for allowing tarp in the first place.

  6. Always Right Never Wrong says:

    Democrats who were duped into congregating there

    Somebody told them the line for the welfare office started at Wall & Broad Street

  7. Tired of it all says:

    General brainwashed twits who know little about science (scary). Think about it for a moment depending on where they charge their generators makes a difference, coal (worse than fossil) or nuclear (don’t get me started…).
    I’m surprised you need to ask, what are their objectives?
    Please, major corporations are evil but are the only entities that can hire due to the 1+ million pages of regulations that must be followed by businesses (attorneys to wade through red tape and accountants cost big bucks after all).
    Maybe they are protesting that they are voting themselves out of work?
    Stranger things have happened.

  8. Noah H says:

    You miss the point of protest. A large group gets the attention of the perceived oppressor. Individuals rarely do. Forming ‘groups’ decreases the danger to the individual and increases the possibility of influencing the outcome. In the end ONLY strength counts, be it ‘legal’..that is having the power of the state to back you up, or less than ‘legal’ where it comes down a degree of violence that cause the ‘enemy’ to submit. Somewhere between sitting down and discussing the problem and coming to an equitable solution and resorting to the maxim that ‘political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ there usually is ‘meeting of the minds’. The problem on Wall Street is that Wall Streeters can’t change the system because the ‘system’ owns them. This is called a ‘high equilibrium trap’….If they stopped doing what they do the entire system, the good and the bad would unravel. This is where ‘government’ must step in and force rational changes to bring about a solution…in this case getting the economic system to work for the 95% of Americans who work for wages. To denigrate as some of responders to this question have to what is a basic human response to a perceived insult or disrespect is playing with fire. In recent months we’ve seen people in the middle east actually arm themselves and move from peaceful protest to violence because the authorities held the protesters in contempt. A social structure requires a base of general prosperity and a belief that the ‘leaders’ exist to make that happen. If it doesn’t happen the ‘leaders’ lose the ‘mandate of heaven’ as the chinese call it and they will be overthrown….that’s history! Listen to these people..they’re trying to tell you something!

  9. Paul Grass™℠ says:

    Democrats of course some were even registering for their party

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