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what is the difference between automatic voltage regulator & voltage control unit?

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 17•13

Question by amir29malik: what is the difference between automatic voltage regulator & voltage control unit?
this automatic voltage regulator or voltage control unit is used in diesel generator electrical side to share the load.

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Answer by Kes
It is hard to say without the technical manual for your specific diesel generator (which I assume is much larger than a home-type gasoline unit). But the names suggest that the “automatic voltage regulator” will control voltage within an acceptabe range without the user making adjustments and the “voltage control unit” suggests that the user can adjust (trim) the voltage as desired for sensitive applications. Voltage output may drop as the electrical load is increased from idle to maximum load and the automatic regulator would compensate and minimize the drop (voltage droop).

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  1. radon360 says:

    It is hard to describe exactly since the terminology can be adapted to many specific applications.

    A voltage regulator is a device that maintains the output voltage as close to a constant setpoint as possible. By design, the input voltage is typically a couple of volts higher than the output. This gives the regulator operating headroom to work and do its job. If the input voltage drops below the regulator’s setpoint (and minimum headroom), the output voltage will drop correspondingly as the regulator has no means to raise the output voltage, only cut it back to to the setpoint.

    The voltage control unit may be a more sophisticated device that is capable of delivering feedback to the generator set to compensate for a voltage sag. If the voltage control unit detects the input voltage to the regulator dropping close to the minimum input voltage, it may do something like increase the field winding current on the generator in order to increase the generator’s output voltage, thus minimizing a possible voltage sag that the voltage regulator (and subsequent loads) may experience.

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