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What do I need to know about generators before I buy one?

Written By: Generator Man - Feb• 18•13

Question by Elizabeth: What do I need to know about generators before I buy one?
I”m planning to buy a generator, and I was planning to buy one based on price. I had this in mind –
Is this smaller generator enough to power my air conditioner? Anything else? It’s too small to power the whole house, right?

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Answer by Mark
the listing has been removed .

but things you should be concerned about.

how much gas it uses per hour .. some use twice as much as others, with obama gas at $ 3 to $ 4 a gal costs a lot to run a gen. with the cost of obama gas it easily cost you $ 20 a day or more

Sound ,, how loud is it ?

warranty… if and when it breaks ,,, how to get the warranty ? do you have to send it back to the mfg ? if so ,, ?????

Buy a gen from place that handle the warranty or give a another gen.

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  1. Steve G says:

    In addition to all the other considerations, you want to know the combined wattage of all the devices that you want the generator to run, and the wattage output of the generator itself. You can probably get one to power the entire house, but it’ll be big and expensive.

  2. NLNorth says:

    You should buy the largest wattage generator you can afford. Preferably from a small engine shop that will take care of any problems you may have. Once you get your generator you can add up what you can power with it.
    good luck!

  3. Jim W says:

    Search Answers for portable generators and size of generators. We have much information there. 4.4KW is hardly large enough for a AC unit except a small window unit.

  4. Donald says:

    Pay attention the oil consumption, aftermarket maintenance, maintain fee.

    The power depends on your demand, some other appliances except air conditioner? what’s the power of your air conditioner?

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