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schematics to hook up generac power systems to my home breaker panel?

Written By: Generator Man - May• 17•12

Question by rkp: schematics to hook up generac power systems to my home breaker panel?
it is a generac guardian plus home generator. 15 kw

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Answer by Chas EE
Any generator that is connected to a breaker panel requires a transfer switch to assure that the generator and utility power are not connected at the same time. The service entry wiring would need to be modified so that the utility power from the meter is wired to the transfer switch, the generator output is wired to the transfer switch and the transfer switch output is wired to the breaker panel. That would require disconnecting from the utility while the work is done by having an authorized person disconnect power at the meter. The generator should be grounded at the service entrance grounding rod. The schematic is relatively simple, but working with heavy wire and performing the work in conformance with electrical code requirements makes the work a rather advanced do-it-yourself project. It would be best to hire an electrician.

A 15kw generator is probably not large enough to supply all of the loads that might be connected through the breaker panel. It is probably permissible to manually decide what loads can and can not be used, but that is a point that should be checked to see what applicable codes permit. A more complicated approach may be desirable or required by code.

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  1. warren914 says:

    The wiring diagrams should have been included with the generator. If not, check with Generac for a replacement.

    The installation should be done by someone qualified.

    Read through my home generator page for other ideas.

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