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Is there something that you can plug into your wall that will supply power if you lose power?

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 22•13

Question by Princess Consuela B. Hammock: Is there something that you can plug into your wall that will supply power if you lose power?

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Answer by Zeltar
You get yourself a Transfer Switch. This device will enable you to switch from the city supplied power to your own generated power. Then, get yourself a generator. When the power goes out, start up the generator and flip the transfer switch.

There are systems you can buy that will automatically detect a power failure and auto switch you to generater power. They are more expensive.

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  1. R P A says:

    A computer UPS (uninterruptible power supply) will supply some power after the power goes out. The amount of power available from a UPS is limited. For more power you would need a generator (gas or diesel powered).

  2. Rivka S says:

    You can buy a generator or large battery. It depends upon how much power you want .

    You can always configure your house to switch to emergency power but you need to bring in a contractor. Expensive.

    You can also have your home configured for wind and solar power which do not depend on the local power company and can store extra energy for you in a battery.

    Another idea is to buy hurricane lamps for your home in case the power goes out. You will at least have light and it will be romantic.

    Hurricane lamps can hold candles or can be a lamp oil with a wick.

    I would suggest looking into alternative energy sources.

  3. eyecue_two says:

    Not for the whole house! The thing that you can get is a UPS and it will operate something for a while. What it runs is what ever you plug into it and how long it runs is dependent on what the item is and how big a UPS you have. UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)

  4. Andrew D says:

    For the whole house, there is a automatic generator made by Generac called the Guardian, they vary in watts, you wire them directly to your breaker box and they run off of city natural gas and will start up every day for a little while at whatever time you want it to or if you want it to and will run however long you want it to just for an “exercise” run to keep it running smooth and on standby for when you need it.

  5. steven c says:

    Call the phone company.

  6. mobildik says:

    They are called ‘Generators’ and you can have one installed on the outside of the house. It will supply power when you loose electricity. Expect to pay $ 2000-$ 3500.

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