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is there diesel generators work by natural gas? I am looking for 5MVA?

Written By: Generator Man - Feb• 11•12

Question by issamfahad: is there diesel generators work by natural gas? I am looking for 5MVA?

Sorry, I meant natural gas generator producing 5MVA? I know there is diesel genset reach this limit.

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Answer by Richard M
It’s either diesel or natural gas. That’s the fuel.
There are generators that run on natural gas however and if you really meant 5KVA and not MVA then I’m pretty sure you can find one.

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  1. billrussell42 says:

    A diesel motor-generator uses diesel fuel, by definition.

    There are motor-generators that use gasoline, or natural gas, or other fuels. 5 MVA is very large, the size of a power plant. You would need to talk to someone like GE or Siemens to contract for one.


  2. redbeardthegiant says:

    Yes, there are indeed natural gas powered diesel cycle alternators of that general capacity. Caterpillar makes some, and there are other vendors as well. Try for a vendor near you, and for manufacturers.

    You can adapt existing diesels for natural gas, but it is not a trivial task.
    Also, be aware that an engine rated for 100 Hp with “diesel fuel” ie kerosene, will produce only 70 Hp on natural gas, due to lower energy density in natural gas.
    So to use natural gas you will need a larger engine for the same sized alternator.

  3. Khalid says:

    I prefer to send me by E -Mail the specification required

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