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If electricity goes off in your area, will gas stations still be able to pump gas?

Written By: Generator Man - Jan• 29•13

Question by Mandie: If electricity goes off in your area, will gas stations still be able to pump gas?
if the electricity is off in your area will gas from stations (WaWa, Sonoco) still work?

–Its a big question that my family keeps asking about. I think it would because of generators but still, would it?

Best answer:

Answer by Michael C
Only if they have back up generators. Today’s fuel pumps are electronic, which require electricity.

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  1. Beatle fanatic says:

    It will work with generator back-up.

  2. Ipsydoodle says:

    Not all gas stations have emergency power. Those that do can still pump gas.

  3. MT K says:

    Years ago if the electricity went off you could pump the fuel out with a handle like a cars starting handle inserted into a pulley in the middle of the pump.It was hard work as you were turning the motor over as well as the pump.After 80 gallons in a lorry your arm was aching.Today i am not so sure but i dont see why not—a pump is a pump after all,but would people bother to do it these days–i dont think so

  4. oklatom says:

    Generally no, most stations are not set up with back up generators. So the pumps would be down, as would the computer that reads the credit cards.

  5. fordman says:

    As the others have said, only if the station has a back-up generator. A lot of places have battery back up for the emergency lights, but not for the gas pumps.

    good luck.

  6. italy_coolfun says:

    Most gas stations do not have emergency power backup, so if the power went out you would not be able to pump Gas.

    In fact, I think it is against safety regulations to pump gas if the main power was out anyway.

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