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I have a gas generator and i would like to back feed it to the stove plug?

Written By: Generator Man - Oct• 25•11

Question by Debbie: I have a gas generator and i would like to back feed it to the stove plug?
Is this possible?

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Answer by gkk_72
Is the stove 2 phase 220 volts? Is the generator 2 phase 220 volts? If so then yes you can. The safest way to do this is to have an electrician wire up a transfer switch for the generator. This will isolate the rest of the house wiring so that the generator does not back feed into the power grid and possibly shock an unsuspecting worker.

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  1. Warren914 says:

    While you can get your lights back on using this technique, it is a dangerous approach to take. You should never use a double male extension cord due to exposed AC on the terminals. There is a possibility of back feeding the street if someone inadvertently leaves the main breaker on, potentially leading to lethal results to people performing repairs on the electrical grid. It goes against electrical code requirements. Please do not operate your generator in this manner.

    The proper approach is to either use extension cords or to install a transfer panel.

    Read through my home generator page and click on the links for further information.

  2. classicsat says:

    It is dangerous and illegal. That is all it is.

  3. trigunmarksman says:

    It is possible to back feed a generator to the house, but without the properly installed transfer switch it is both highly dangerous and illegal. Your generator not only feeds into your house, but into the deadpower lines which makes it highly dangerous for the lineman who are repairing and working with the lines (that are supposed to be turned off).

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