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How and what can I do to start a generator that is located outside my home from the inside?

Written By: Generator Man - Nov• 04•11

Question by Navin: How and what can I do to start a generator that is located outside my home from the inside?
I bought a Powermax generator with electric start and located it outside my home. I will like to start it from inside my home instead of going out side to start. Can some one advise me on what I need to do.

Best answer:

Answer by mr_jim51
not sure how far outside of the house.
is it still under warranty
is it a key start or push butoon
do you have a transfer switch
to start it from inside you need to do this, make sure you have a power trnsfer switch,if not you will need an electrician, but it you will open it up and count the number of wires at the start button and get a stop button start combo switch and wire for wire it should work.
or wire it to the starter BUT YOU NEED to insure you have a transfer switch

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One Comment

  1. Bob says:

    You Leave A Lot Of Question Open.
    1. Why Do You Want To Start A Gen-set From Inside?
    2. Are You Connected to The Local Power Grid?
    3. Do You Have A Transfer Box To Protect The Electrical System In Your Home?
    4. What Are The Items You Planning On Running Off This Gen-set.
    5. How Far From The Home Will The Gen-set Be Located.

    Remote Start Is Possible.

    A Transfer Box Protects Your Home Electrical System And The Gen-set When The Local Electrical Grid/Service Comes Back On Line.

    Say You Purchased A – 5000 Watt Gen-set Are You Planning On Running It At The Full 5000 Watts – A 5000 Watt Gen-set Gives Only About 3500 Watts Full Time Not 5000 Watts…

    Please Answer The First 5 Questions And Send Info To [email protected]

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