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World’s smallest and lightest foldable electric Scooter 5kg only

For more projects please visit my website Motor :EMAX 29V 1200w dc brushless motor (used only ~300W) Battery: 5Ah Li-Polymer 3…

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HIGH VOLTAGE inverter project Panasonic microwave h965wfx

Panasonic microwave oven problems MOT Tesla coil inverter hobby projects experiments capacitor POWER SUPPLY electricity dc ac circut Homemade welder diy howto fix problems ELECTRONICS watts volts parts

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Reclaiming parts 4 bedini projects 1 of 2 ( theDaftman )

———————-TEEP forum. ———————- Ifanyone would like to discuss any of my work or videos I have now set up a forum. Forum name is: The Energy Experimenting People. Teep for short. Anyway this is the link again please come and join me. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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