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Shop Force 3500 watt gas generator

Written By: Generator Man - Sep• 05•11

New Shop Force AT04105W 3500 watt generator That I picked up for 0……..pretty good deal considering the power of the unit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mr9C1Driver says:

    They have Meijer stores in Indiana as well. I bought the same generator 2 years ago when we had an ice strom. Even though it’s low end for 275 dollars it really came through.

  2. hamtalker2007 says:

    one in lexington ky and one richmond ky

  3. sirmasterpimp says:

    @MrMiket180 It was kinda late and I didn’t want to disturb my neighbors…. It didn’t run it long enough to build up too much co2……That was my first and last time doing that though.

    I will have another video on it uploaded soon (my backup power stuff), showing it running under half and full loads + a cold start……It will be in the driveway this time.

  4. MrMiket180 says:


  5. MrMiket180 says:

    Hello, why not open the door??

  6. noobstfu says:

    I just picked up a similar generator by king craft for 200$ but it diddent include a volt meter but thats what a kill-a-watt meter is for

  7. sirmasterpimp says:

    Start up is @ 3:42!!!

  8. jimmyrcom3 says:

    before i read the message i really did think you said poop, lol.

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