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Queens of the Stone Age – Regular John (REISSUE EDITION)

Written By: Generator Man - Mar• 05•13

Queens of the Stone Age Self-Titled remastered at last! The differences in the songs may be subtle, probably even more subtle through YouTube, but I thought I’d celebrate the re-release of one my favorite albums by posting up the remastered version in full. LYRICS: Who are you girl? Who are you boy? Bet I know what you’re up to Can I come along Your home number’s on the wall I just had to call, had to I’m not the only one Who will run with a knife Open up your eyes Open up your room Open up your arms one six two seven eight Two six three seven eight nine where’s your daddy now I heard he ran away who are you girl? cause I’m so bored with myself anyway any time and any place I’ll just hang around one six two seven eight two six three seven eight nine open up your eyes open up your room open up your arms open up your door open up your eyes open up your room open up your eyes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Shu Bohu says:

    haha, i started to like rock music~

  2. OlympusMopsamolPrime says:

    It’s the number for Rekord Rekords! 🙂

  3. Dan Hilmar Racek says:

    Eines der besten Rock-Alben ever. Hands down.

  4. thezero1918 says:

    Does he say 862 78 263 789 ? Cause in my ears it looks like that…


    Klasse ,Obergnade Gitarren.. ! Meine Favoriten Toller Song !

  6. wesleytj says:

    nvm i just did. weak results

  7. wesleytj says:

    1-627-826-3789 has anyone called that number before?

  8. Venuslight Overdrive says:

    If you guys like this I would love for you to check out my band. We’ve only recently started but draw a lot of inspiration from QOTSA. Check us here: /watch?v=pm9-7Hajs-I

  9. tiagometalcore says:

    he just give his opinion , in my opinion he is 100% right

  10. Kai Selmser says:

    Era is like my favorite and every album is awesome

  11. Kai Selmser says:

    what godly movie were you listening too?

  12. KORINALOVER says:

    who cares about you?shut the fuck!what a FUCKTARD you are!

  13. thundertower says:

    no one cares where you’re from, stop saying greetings from brazil,

  14. Philip Terry says:

    pure awesomeness

  15. TheFinalBiscuit says:

    I thought Era was quite good, but hey, opinions and whatnot. But they did say that rehearsing the first album for the reissue was influencing the new one, so it could well sound more like this.

  16. simulbee says:

    Man hands on the cover dammit. I thought the camel toe was real.

  17. FooFightersMenno says:

    They’ll release a new album this year. Don’t know the exact date.

  18. KushSmokingDemocrat says:


  19. RARASUS says:


  20. Jon Rene says:

    WOW! It’s been so long since “Era Vulgaris” came out, Henry Rollins still had a show in IFC back then. I was so much younger back then lol When will they put out something new?

  21. soulcalibur22 says:

    yeah but later we found out its because hes mello not cause hes apprehensive but i know what u mean. Hes the same now but the music has grown to be “bigger”. A first album or early more simplistic has something about it the a band can only attempt to recreate. And when they get close or dead on we still say good try lol

  22. MeganK1983 says:

    I always pictured the top would be Harold Perrineau os ‘Mercutio’ from 1996 Romeo & Juliet.

  23. Mindy Shelton says:


  24. TheyRiseBand says:

    I jammed this in ’01, while driving through the Mojave desert. Nothing like watching a brilliant Nevada sunrise, with this in the background…

  25. sirtobywaldobennet13 says:

    great song btw. lol

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