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INSANE wave pool in Tokyo. Where’s the water?

Written By: Generator Man - Jul• 31•12

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  1. kbr56 says:

    Theres no water showing thats disguating

  2. embraceallyourflaws says:

    There’s no way someone didn’t die.

  3. RuNndGuN24 says:

    Lmao thats not fun i like to swim against the wave cant do shit there

  4. roy quintana says:

    that doesn’t look pleasant

  5. dave3030 says:

    that’s disgusting

  6. biofire says:

    You know that the guy in the middle, if he has to pee, is not going to go through the trouble of getting out of there to do so.

  7. turnaroundphraseNY says:

    circa. 1974

  8. Vernon Jordan says:

    Where’s Waldo?

  9. Yoth bausu says:


  10. MegaHypnoticViper says:

    That looks awesome lol

  11. MegaHypnoticViper says:

    Very true, Makkiejj, very true.

  12. ironfinal says:

    I find this disgusting,I wonder the the water to piss ratio is.

  13. Theyovillepimps says:

    Eww i bet there is a bunch of shit and piss is that pool

  14. Makkiejj says:

    known fact: 1 in 5 people pee in swimmingpools..

  15. maxwellborden says:

    Even if they could see them, good luck getting to them.

  16. halfbaked3767 says:

    wO.ow i feel sorry for the life guards
    how could he/she see some one drowning????

  17. younqNreadyy says:

    dear translater , why aren’t you working right for me for the top two comments? :/

  18. younqNreadyy says:

    holy.. FUCK! like Oh my gosh.. what a health hazard.. that is just gross & crazy at the same time.

  19. humzor says:

    stelntje ratn´!

  20. thedarkestignoranc says:


  21. 08crash6 says:


  22. guru2012guru says:

    I have been there. I had to give up swimming.

  23. MrBIG600000000yen says:


  24. uruk243 says:


  25. 788patrick says:


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