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HIGH VOLTAGE inverter project Panasonic microwave h965wfx

Written By: Generator Man - Jan• 02•13

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  1. ROCKNTV1 says:

    I work on a lot of stuff, so i own the tools, I was able to fix the microwave but i only want the high voltage parts like the inverter, It does have some usable motors in it i can use.

  2. happymark1805 says:

    Many times you can easely break out the little pin out of the safty torx screws.

  3. ROCKNTV1 says:

    lol, it is being built now as roundtuit,, in between chores,, but i needed this microwave oven off the floor space

  4. MrLeonard55 says:

    You need a workbench down there.

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