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PowerStroke Powerstroke 5000 Watt 389cc Portable Generator – Review

Written By: Generator Man - Jan• 03•13 checks out the PowerStroke Powerstroke 5000 Watt 389cc Portable Generator – Has a 3 year warranty. Check out the review http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Luigi Stugatz says:

    Are you basing your opinion on personal experience, or are you simply assuming that since they are made in China they are junk?

    These engine are made by Liquid Combustion Technology (LCT) actually an American company. All LCT engines are American designed and engineered. They are most similar to Honda motors. Even though LCT motors are similar to Honda’s, LCT was actually the first engine company ever to receive a letter from Honda stating that they (Honda) had no issue with the LCT design.

  2. pptgtool says:

    We believe it is a china engine and that’s the only thing that worries us.

  3. Johnnyrockva says:

    that powerstroke 5000 is nice…but who makes it? Briggs?
    is it American? China? who actually makes the engine?? thanks

  4. noriceburners says:

    Vanguard is very nice. This unit is a great buy, it is setting right next to my Made In The USA Briggs Elite 5500. Im proud of them both.

  5. noriceburners says:

    I have one of these units. Very nice.

  6. yourgoodsons says:

    I have a Generac with over 1400 hours on the meter. This piece of shit doesn’t even an hour meter. The Generac you mention is a light duty inverter model.
    Not comparing apples to apples.
    You sound like complete morons. My Generac has a B&S Vanguard twin cylinder that would eat this piece of shit alive.

  7. Summitperry says:

    Wayne frequency is different to. It would burn them up

  8. Wayne Burgess says:

    It must be worth a try?:)

  9. pptgtool says:

    Hmmm, possibly

  10. Wayne Burgess says:

    could you not just make a cord with an adaptor from one to the other? 🙂

  11. pptgtool says:

    Hi Wayne, The plugs are different :{

  12. pptgtool says:

    Depends on the size of the A/C unit.

  13. GEATTHEGREAT says:

    can i power my ac unit with a genarator

  14. Wayne Burgess says:

    So you could run 240v U.K tools on that,and also use U.K chargers 🙂

  15. sparky0288 says:

    looks like a great generator, alot easyer to mave than my ranger 9, great video guys thanks

  16. Johnny Chan says:


  17. Bonfield2002 says:

    Wow ,I never knew Ford Motors Company was installing their diesel engines on generators.
    Man that some fantastic muffler, usually the powerstrokes knock real bad.

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