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2-71 Detroit Diesel generator

Written By: Generator Man - Sep• 19•11

12.5 KW, 1200 rpm, 3-phase. For more info go to Note I’m not selling these, I just post articles and other information about this and other subjects.
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  1. TurbinePower69 says:

    @Possumlivingdotcom Is this out of a RR “reefer” unit ?? The RR’s had Thousands of them until
    they started replacing them with Carriers & ThermoKing units like they use on the reefer trailers for semis about 10 yrs or so, ago.
    Very reliable engines….according to DD’s Home website there is still approximately 500, 000+ units still in service worldwide. Detroit still produces NEW 6V53’s, 8V71’s and 8V92’s for the Military.

  2. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    @oilitright I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your input.

  3. oilitright says:

    These gensets which come in a couple different variations are and have been for decades one of the best combination’s of reliability, ease of maintenance, longevity and hassle free operation possible. And they are easily rebuilt for DIY types and can be rebuilt by shops all over the world. ” not a goo choice” for gensets doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  4. WurledPeas says:

    Love the old Detroits. Hate running the racks though. Someone stole my pick set.

  5. maxhauler says:

    Reliability is my number one interest in Diesel engines .. right after that I love the sound, the smell, the torque and more! Used to have an 8.2L Detroit. (500 cubic inch 4-stroke v8 Detroit Diesel.)

  6. MalliganTheUFO says:

    @mpwelk Its pretty easy to make a sound proof cabin for them.

  7. MalliganTheUFO says:

    WOW!!!! 2-71!!!!!

  8. othaminjaresjdl says:

    Nice hair Russian women

  9. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    Yeah, not to mention the many 6-71 gensets which are used as backup power for buildings (including hospitals), and even as primary power units for small towns in remote areas.

  10. bigchevy80 says:

    Detroits don’t belong on generators, huh? Better go tell that to the MILLIONS of 2-71 gensets that are still around. It’s not hard building a sound proof gen-shed. The one I have experience with is enclosed in a 10×16 shed that’s lined with lead sheet. Exhaust is run into an underground silencer. Standing 5 feet away from the shed, you can barely hear it running.

  11. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    At full load, about a half gallon per hour. In my experience though, it is very rare to use 12 KW continuously. Most generators which are sized properly for their application will average 30-40% capacity over time. For this unit that means 3500 to 5000 watts average, at which usage it will run 4-5 hours per gallon of fuel.

  12. studpuppy69 says:

    How many Gallons per hour do they use?

  13. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    Good points. I use this one for running my shop, welder, etc. I also have a Lister pattern single cylinder diesel for running normal household loads. It runs 650 rpm and is whisper-quiet. In cool weather it is unnecessary to run a genny overnight; in hot weather you can’t hear the Lister over the air conditioner, so it works out.

  14. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    They are noisy, no doubt about it. But they are also reliable in the extreme. To me, that is of primary importance. It’s why I own one. That, and the fact that it will run on just about anything vaguely flammable.

  15. mpwelk says:

    Detroits have their places, and generators are definitely not one of them unless you’re working at an airport or place that makes a lot of noise.

  16. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    They made a 3-53 for the Gamma Goat, that had an aluminum block. That is 159 cubic inches vs. 142 for the 2-71. 71 series has a longer stroke, so I prefer it; but it’s too heavy for a jeep. That aluminum block 3-53 would be an ideal jeep motor, though.
    I have an old Wagoneer I put 1-ton axles in front and rear, and I would like to find a 3-71 to put in it.

  17. Hotrodx199 says:

    These 2 cylinders do make good power for there size. The 2-53N makes about 53 horsepower and it’s only 106 cubic inches.

  18. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    For more info on these great engines, look on Wikipedia for “Detroit Diesel Series 71”.

  19. animebsd says:

    o really!?

    o ok i see now

    yea that deos sound like a 2 cycle motor


  20. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    In the first clip, it is running 1800 rpm; in the second, 1200 rpm. The old Detroit Diesels are 2-stroke, so they sound to someone accustomed to 4-stroke engines as though they are turning twice their actual speed.

  21. animebsd says:

    sounds like ur overreving them hard core


  22. lynn0335 says:

    I think an old Hobart welder I used when starting in the construction buss. had a one of these in it.

  23. Possumlivingdotcom says:

    No. Just sharing information.

  24. akatalara says:

    are you selling all this generators?

  25. poppiesrule says:

    Thank you!

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