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how many kilowatts can a 10,000 stand by generator run in a home?

Written By: Generator Man - Apr• 23•12

Question by : how many kilowatts can a 10,000 stand by generator run in a home?

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Answer by jack of all trades
It’s simple arithmetic. A kilowatt is a thousand watts. Your generator is 10,000 watts. So, the answer is 10.

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  1. billrussell42 says:

    10000 WHAT?

    don’t you think that matters?

  2. Ray;mond says:

    Manufacturers tend to be over optimistic, so your 3000 watt central heat pump may shut down instead if starting, as your 10 kilowatt generator can’t supply the the initial starting surge of electricity. You can possibly use your clothes dryer by putting it on air only, and quickly switching to heat. Neil

  3. texasmaverick says:

    Even if the rating is in watts, there are several ways to calculate this. Quite often, a generator for home use is rated in watts at 1.0 power factor. This means if you are operating a heating element (no fan), the unit will supply 10 kw continuously. However, if this generator is supplying an inductive load (motors), this rating becomes volt-amperes (the output of any generator is volt-amperes or volts time rated amps). In this case, the watts available will be 10 kva * power factor. If the power factor was 0.85, the watt output of the generator will be 8.5 kw, and the generator will be operating at full load.

    Most home generators have a higher short time output to allow for starting motors. But, if you start your large motors first, you can run more kw on the generator because there will be no future motor inrush current, unless you are running an air conditioner. Running an air conditioner will limit the maximum kw you can load the generator with.

    There is no simple answer for your question.


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